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Albatros Literaturpreis (or Internationaler Literaturpreis Albatros) is an international literary award given every two years by the Günter Grass Foundation (de) based in Bremen, Germany. The award is for contemporary authors in prose, poetry or essay writing including translated works. The prize is €40,000 split between author (€25,000) and translator (€15,000).

The award "goes to authors from around the world whose work is characterized by high literary quality and cultural and socio-political relevance."[1] In addition to "the excellent work of open thinking and the free discussion of all aspects of our lives, carrying with our world and our time".[1] Is also awarded to an outstanding translator who translated the work into German. The panel is convened by the Günter Grass Foundation. The right to nominate the winners lies exclusively with the jury. The award ceremony takes place in Bremen.



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