Albatroz-class patrol boat

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FDTL Albatroz Class Patrol Boats.jpg
East Timorese patrol boats Oecusse (P101) and Atauro (P102) on anchor in Port Hera off Dili
Class overview
Name: Albatroz class patrol boat
Builders: Arsenal do Alfeite
  • Portuguese Navy
  • Timor Leste Defence Force
  • Macau Maritime and Fiscal Police
Succeeded by: Argos and Centauro
Built: 1974-1975
In commission: 1974–present
Completed: 6
Active: 4
General characteristics
Displacement: 45 tons full load
Length: 23.6m
Beam: 5.6m
Draft: 1.6m
Propulsion: 2 Cummins diesels, 1,100 hp, 2 shafts
Speed: 20kts
Range: 2,500 at 12 kts
  • 1 officer
  • 7 enlisted
Sensors and
processing systems:
Decca RM 316P radar

The Albatross class is a class of patrol boats in the Portuguese Navy and in the Naval Component of the Timor Leste Defence Force (FDTL). These vessels were built in 1974 and 1975 at the Alfeite Arsenal, Lisbon.

In the Portuguese Navy, the Albatross-class boats are being replaced by Argos and Centauro classes. In 2002, the NRP Albatroz and NRP Açor were transferred to the FDTL, becoming the first craft in its Naval Component. In Timor Leste, they are referred as Oecusse class.


Portuguese Navy[edit]

Name & number Commission State
NRP Albatroz (P 1012) 1974 - 2002 Transferred to Timor Leste as the Oecusse in 2002.
NRP Açor (P 1163) 1974 - 2002 Transferred to Timor Leste as the Atauro in 2002.
NRP Andorinha (P 1164) 1975 - 1999 Decommissioned
NRP Águia (P 1165) 1975 - 2016 Decommissioned
NRP Condor (P 1166)
UAM Condor (UAM 630) - since 1999
1974 - Transformed into an auxiliary unit of the Navy (UAM) for seamanship training in the Tagus estuary
NRP Cisne (P 1167) 1974 - In service

Macau Maritime and Fiscal Police[edit]

Name & number Commission State
Mondego (B-1) Fate unknown.
Tejo (B-3) Fate unknown.
Douro (B-4) Fate unknown.

Naval Component of Timor Leste[edit]

Name & number Commission State
NRTL Oecusse (P 101) 1974 - 2002 In service. Former NRP Albatroz.
NRTL Atauro (P 102) 1974 - 2002 In service. Former NRP Açor.