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The Albergo del Sole al Biscione is one of the oldest and most venerable hotels in the Italian city of Rome. Located on the via del Biscione, the Albergo is a thirty second walk from the bustling Campo de' Fiori square. With a fresh food market on weekdays, Campo de' Fiori accommodates locals and tourists alike. There is an abundance of restaurants in the immediate area. Traditionally, the Albergo Sole has attracted students from around the world, drawn by its affordable prices and its prime location in the heart of the Centro Storico. Two universities have established homebases just off of Campo de' Fiori: the University of Minnesota and Dartmouth College.

The hotel itself has been built into the ruins of the Pompey's Theater. Today, some of the ruins are still visible in the walls of the hotel. The rooms are small, very much in the European style, and not all of them have bathrooms. However, many have views of the Campo and the adjoining roads.

One of the facets of the hotel is the courtyard off the second floor. With several tables and chairs, it's a social setting for the international guests. On any given day, one can hear Italian, English, German, and French, frequently at the same time. A clear line of sight looks over the Roman skyline, dominated by the neighboring church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, and its dome, the second largest in the city, trailing only St. Peter's Basilica.

The Albergo del Sole al Biscione remains family-owned and operated.

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