Albert A. Boyajian

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Albert A. Boyajian
Born (1940-06-04) June 4, 1940 (age 77)
Aleppo, Syria
Occupation business leader and activist
Known for founder and Chairman of the Armenian American Political Action Committee (A.A.P.A.C.)

Albert A. Boyajian (Armenian: Ալբերտ Բոյաջյան, born June 4, 1940, Aleppo, Syria) is an American business leader and activist for Armenian causes.

He is the founder and Chairman of the Armenian American Political Action Committee (A.A.P.A.C.), which promotes Armenian issues in Washington D.C. concerning free trade, social financial, cultural activities, and cooperation between Armenia and the United States government.


In 1968, he graduated from the University of Paris with a degree in Modern French Literature and then emigrated to the United States.

In 1978, he established the Global Bakeries, Inc. in the production & supply of food product, and has become a national and international enterprise and he currently serves as President and CEO.

In 1984, he established the first Armenian Youth Association Boy Scouts of America Pack.

In 1993, he founded the Boyajian Youth Center in Pasadena, California, that focuses on social activities and Art Gallery for children in the community.

In 1997, he led a team that secured 9.56 million University endowment from United States Government and he established an educational endowment fund for Pepperdine University.

He has donated over $1 million to Armenia Fund, Inc. and was awarded the Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom.

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