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Albert Gustave bedane
Albert Bedane German occupation Jersey.jpg
Portrait of Albert Bedane displayed on a banner in Saint Helier to mark the 60th anniversary of the Liberation
Known forBritish Hero of the Holocaust
Righteous Among the Nations
Certificate Righteous Among the Nations for Bedane.

Albert Gustave Bedane (1893–1980) lived in Jersey during the German occupation during World War II, and provided shelter to a Jewish woman and others, preventing their capture by the Nazis.

He was born in Angers in France in 1893 and lived in Jersey from 1894. He served in the British Army 1917-1920 and was naturalised as a British subject by the Royal Court of Jersey in 1921. By profession he was a masseur/physiotherapist.

In 1966 the Soviet government presented Albert Bedane (along with other Jersey resistance activists who had helped and sheltered escaped Soviet slave-workers) with a gold watch. On 4 January 2000, Albert Bedane was recognised as Righteous Among the Nations.

A plaque erected by the Vingtaine de la Ville marks the site of his home in Roseville Street, Saint Helier, where he sheltered escapees.

In 2004 BBC South West launched an audience vote for South West Heroes. The four nominations from Jersey, which falls within the BBC's South West broadcasting region, were Gerald Durrell, Sir Walter Ralegh, Sir Billy Butlin and Albert Bedane.[1]

In 2010, Bedane was posthumously named a British Hero of the Holocaust by the British Government.[2]

Plaque in Roseville Street at the site where Albert Bedane sheltered escapees


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