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Albert Benschop (10 May 1949, Rijswijk - 27 February 2018[1]) was a Dutch sociologist with the University of Amsterdam's faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He was the chief editor of the university's SocioSite project.[2] His internet studies are published in the Peculiarities of Cyberspace.[3]


Benschop received a master's degree in sociology and psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam early 1970s. In 1972 he made name as leader of the SRVU Students' union of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which occupied the main building of the Vrije Universiteit during the student protests that year.[4]

Since 1973 Benschop has been a lecturer and researcher at the department of Sociology at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. In the late 1990s he founded the SocioSite website, which is considered to be one of the world's most consulted social-science websites.[5][6][7][8]

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