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Albert E. Cowdrey is an American fantasy and science fiction author. He has published the science fiction novel Crux and a number of short stories. Much of his short fiction has appeared in Fantasy and Science Fiction and centers on his love for New Orleans. He was Chief of the Special History Branch in the U.S. Army, and wrote a number of nonfiction books about the history of the medical branches of the army.

In 2003 Cowdrey's short story "Queen for a Day" won the World Fantasy Award. His novella "The Overseer" received a nomination in the 2009 World Fantasy Awards.[1]


Partial bibliography of short stories:

The Lucky People, (ss) F&SF Feb 1968 (as Chet Arthur)
The Familiar, (ss) F&SF Mar 1997
White Magic, (nv) F&SF Mar 1998
The Great Ancestor, (ss) F&SF Sep 1998
Revenge, (ss) F&SF May 1999
Crux [Crux], (na) F&SF Mar 2000
The Stalker, (ss) F&SF Aug 2000
Mosh [Crux], (na) F&SF Dec 2000
The King of New Orleans, (ss) F&SF Feb 2001
Nature 2000, (ss) F&SF Apr 2001
Tomorrow, (ss) F&SF Jun 2001
Queen for a Day, (nv) F&SF Oct/Nov 2001
Ransom [Crux], (na) F&SF Mar 2002
The Posthumous Man, (ss) F&SF Jul 2002
The Boy’s Got Talent, (nv) F&SF Sep 2002
Grey Star, (ss) F&SF Jan 2003
The Dog Movie, (ss) F&SF Apr 2003
Danny’s Inferno, (ss) F&SF Dec 2003
Rapper, (ss) F&SF Feb 2004
Silent Echoes, (nv) F&SF Apr 2004
A Balance of Terrors, (ss) F&SF Jul 2004
The Tribes of Bela, (na) F&SF Aug 2004
The Name of the Sphinx, (nv) F&SF Dec 2004
The Amulet, (nv) F&SF Mar 2005
Twilight States, (ss) F&SF Jul 2005
The Housewarming, (ss) F&SF Sep 2005
The Revivalist, (na) F&SF Mar 2006
Imitation of Life, (ss) F&SF May 2006
Animal Magnetism, (nv) F&SF Jun 2006
Immortal Forms, (ss) F&SF Aug 2006
Revelation, (ss) F&SF Oct/Nov 2006
Murder in the Flying Vatican, (na) F&SF Aug 2007
Envoy Extraordinary , (ss) F&SF Sep 2007
The Recreation Room, (nv) F&SF Oct/Nov 2007
The Overseer, (na) F&SF March 2008
Thrilling Wonder Stories, (ss) F&SF May 2008
Poison Victory, (nv) F&SF July 2008
Inside Story, (ss) F&SF Oct/Nov 2008
A Skeptical Spirit, (nv) F&SF Dec 2008
Seafarer's Blood, (nv) F&SF Jan 2009
The Visionaries, (ss) F&SF Jan/Feb 2016


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