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Albert Eide Parr (15 August 1900–16 July 1991) was a Norwegian-born marine biologist, zoologist and oceanographer. Parrosaurus missouriensis, a species of plant-eating dinosaur, is named after him. [1][2]

Albert Eide Parr was born and grew up in Bergen, Norway. His father, Thomas Johannes Lauritz Parr, was a professor at Bergen Cathedral School. He became well acquainted with Jørgen Brunchorst, director at the Bergen Museum and developed an early interest in marine biology. He studied at the University of Oslo (1921-24) and graduated in 1925. He subsequently worked was an assistant in zoology at the Bergen Museum. In 1925, he was married to Ella Hage Hanssen (1900-1991), daughter of Peder Hansen, who was a member of the Parliament of Norway. The couple travelled to the United States 1926. [3] When he visited Louis L. Mowbray, who at the time was director of the New York Aquarium, in New York City he was persuaded to extended his stay. He was appointed at the Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where from 1938, he as a Professor of oceanography. From 1942 to 1959, he was manager of the American Museum of Natural History. Among his later research areas was the classification of Alepocephalidae fish. [4][5]

Selected Works[edit]

  • A practical revision of the western Atlantic species of the genus Citharichthys – 1931
  • The stomiatoid fishes of the suborder Gymnophotoderm – 1927
  • A Contribution To The Osteology And Classification Of The Orders Iniomi And Xenoberyces – 1929
  • Revision of the species currently referred to Alepocephalus, Halisauriceps, Bathytroctes and Bajacalifornia – 1952
  • A new genus of Searsidae from Japan – 1953
  • Mostly About Museums - 1959
  • The fishes of the family Searsidae – 1960


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