Albert Elijah Dunning

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Albert Elijah Dunning (Jan. 5, 1844 - Nov. 14, 1923) was an American theologian.

Born in Brookfield, Connecticut, he attended the Fort Edward Institute (1860-1861), and graduated from Bryant & Stratton College (1862), Yale University (1867), where he was Phi Beta Kappa and a member of Skull and Bones, Andover Theological Seminary (1870), and Beloit College (1889) with a DD. He was pastor of the Highland Congregational Church in Roxbury, Boston (1870-1881). He was editor of The Congregationalist (1889-1911) and Pilgrim Teacher (1873-77). He was author of Bible Studies (1886); Congregationalists in America (1894); and The Making of the Bible (1911).