Albert Fairfax, 12th Lord Fairfax of Cameron

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The Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Born 23 June 1870
Northampton, Maryland
Died 4 October, 1939 (aged 69)
London, England
Title 12th Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Tenure 1900–1939
Nationality American
Spouse(s) Maude Wishart
Parents John Fairfax, 11th Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Mary Brown Kirby

Albert Kirby Fairfax, 12th Lord Fairfax of Cameron (23 June 1870 – 4 October 1939), was an American-born Scottish Representative Peer and politician in the British House of Lords.

Early life[edit]

Born at Northampton,[1] in Largo, Prince George's County, Maryland, Fairfax was discovered to be the rightful holder of his title after it had been essentially forgotten by his family (which had resided in the United States of America for several generations). After researchers determined Albert Kirby Fairfax to be the 12th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, his title was allowed by the House of Lords in 1908. His father was John Fairfax, 11th Lord Fairfax of Cameron and his mother was Mary Brown Kirby.


He was a member of Fairfax & Company, of George Street, London. He was a partner of Bonbright & Company, George Street, London.[2]

He was naturalized as a U.K. citizen on 17 November 1908. He was elected a Scottish Representative Peer and served in that capacity from 19 October 1917 to his death on 4 October 1939.

Personal life[edit]

Lord Fairfax of Cameron married Maude Wishart, daughter of James McKelvie, in 1922. They had two sons:

The 12th Lord Fairfax died in October 1939, aged 69, and was succeeded in the lordship by the elder of his two sons, Thomas.


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Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
John Contee Fairfax
Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Succeeded by
Thomas Fairfax