Albert Falco

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Albert Falco
Albert FALCO.jpg
Albert Falco in 1975
Born (1927-10-17)17 October 1927
Marseille, France
Died 21 April 2012(2012-04-21) (aged 84)
Marseille, France
Nationality French
Occupation Underwater SCUBA Diver
Title former Chief Diver and Captain of Calypso

Albert Falco (17 October 1927 – 21 April 2012)[1] was a French scuba diving veteran and champion of underwater conservation. He was one of the longest-serving diving companions of Jacques Cousteau, Chief Diver, and later Captain of the RV Calypso.[2] He lived in France and was active in preserving aquatic ecosystems.[3][4] He played several leading roles on Cousteau's films, like The Silent World (1956), World Without Sun (1964) and Voyage to the Edge of the World (1976).

Falco was also on the Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a non-profit ocean conservation organization.[5]

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