Albert Gilles

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One of Gilles' famous panels, depicting the life of Jesus Christ, showcased in the museum.

Albert Gilles (1895-1979) was a French coppersmith.


He was born in Paris and mastered the art of sheet metal embossing at a young age before crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the 1930s to ply his trade in North America.

Gilles' clientele included Walt Disney, Pope Pius XII, and numerous churches across North America. His family carries on his work today, and they have a museum in Château-Richer near Quebec City, which showcases Gilles' and the family's works. Albert Gilles was also one of the main designers who helped design and repair the copper roofing of the Chateau Frontenac. He opened up his own business in Beaupre, Quebec located at 7450, boul. Sainte-Anne, Chateau-Richer, Quebec, Canada.

Gilles famously once said, "I am not an artist, just an artisan."