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Albert Howell is a Canadian improv comedian and poet. He has appeared in several films and television shows, and has received recognition for his screenwriting as well as for his improv work. and he is part of second city on the norwegian breakaway

Improv comedy[edit]

Howell began his career at the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary where he trained with Keith Johnstone. He started performing in local comedy clubs with his friends Roman Danylo, Peter Oldring, Rebecca Northan, and Graeme Davies.

In 1993 Howell joined the cast of The Second City and performed there until 1997, including a brief period in Chicago where he performed with Tina Fey. In 1997, he and Andrew Currie formed The Devil's Advocates, a comedy duo that found success after appearing on Speakers' Corner. They were offered the job of hosting Improv Heaven and Hell on The Comedy Network, which starred such improv greats as Teresa Pavlinek, Jack Mosshammer, Bob Martin and Colin Mochrie. Howell also appeared on Open Mike with Mike Bullard and The Conan O'Brien Show.

The Devils were nominated in 2000 for Best Television Performance at the Canadian Comedy Awards and Howell was also nominated for Best Male Improviser that year. He appeared at the Just For Laughs Festival and the Chicago Improvisation Festival three years in a row.

Writing and acting[edit]

Howell was a writer and performer for five seasons on the sketch comedy show Comedy Inc.. The show also starred Roman Danylo, Jennifer Goodhue, Terry McGurrin.

He wrote for five seasons on the CBC news parody show This Hour Has 22 Minutes where he was the head writer. He has also appeared on the show, which stars Mark Critch, Gavin Crawford, Cathy Jones, Geri Hall, Shaun Majumder.

Albert is currently writing for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and has relocated to New York.

Howell has appeared in the films Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Childstar, Plain Brown Rapper, and Take This Waltz directed by Sarah Polley.


Albert has been nominated for a Gemini Award and has won three Writers Guild of Canada awards and a Canadian Comedy Award.


Howell was also a minor candidate for Mayor of Toronto in the 2003 municipal election.

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