Albert III, Count of Gorizia

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Albert III, Count of Gorizia
Spouse(s) Helen
Catherine of Celje
Noble family Meinhardiner
Father Albert II of Gorizia
Mother Elisabeth of Hesse
Died c. 1365

Albert III, Count of Gorizia (died: c. 1365) was a Count of Gorizia, who lived and worked during the Middle Ages.

Albert III was a member of the Meinhardiner dynasty. He was a son of Count Albert II of Gorizia and his wife, Elisabeth of Hesse, a daughter of Landgrave Henry I of Hesse. From 1329 to 1338, he was governor of Friuli, Gorizia and Istria. In 1338, he inherited the County of Gorizia from his uncle John Henry IV. He ruled jointly with his half-brothers Henry V and Meinhard VI. In 1339, he agreed with his half-brothers that he would be the sole Count Palatine of Carinthia.

Albert III married a noblewomen named Helen and later, in 1353, with Catherine of Celje (born between 1284 and 1308), a daughter of Count Frederick I of Celje. Both marriages were childless.

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Albert III, Count of Gorizia
Died: c. 1365
Preceded by
John Henry IV
Count of Gorozia
With: Henry V and
Meinhard VI
Succeeded by
Meinhard VI