Albert III, Count of Habsburg

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Albert III, Count of Habsburg
Albrecht III the Rich, count of Habsburg.jpg
Died(1199-11-25)25 November 1199
Noble familyHouse of Habsburg
Spouse(s)Ida of Pfullendorf
FatherWerner II, Count of Habsburg
MotherIda of Homberg

Albert III (died 25 November 1199), also known as Albert the Rich, was Count of Habsburg and a progenitor of the royal House of Habsburg.[1]

He was the son of Count Werner II of Habsburg,[1] whom he succeeded in 1167. Albert married Ida, daughter of Count Rudolph of Pfullendorf. Like his father, he was a loyal supporter of the Imperial House of Hohenstaufen.

He was the father of Count Rudolph II of Habsburg.[2]


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Albert III, Count of Habsburg
Born: ? Died: 1199
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Werner II
Count of Habsburg
1167 – 1199
Succeeded by
Rudolph II