Albert II of Gorizia

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Albert II of Gorizia
Spouse(s) Elisabeth of Hesse
Euphemia of Mätsch
Noble family Meinhardiner
Father Albert I of Gorizia
Mother Euphemia of Silesia-Glogau
Born 1261
Died 1325

Albert II of Gorizia (German: Albrecht II., Graf von Görz) was a son of Count Albert I of Gorizia and his wife, Euphemia of Silesia-Glogau. From 1323 to 1325, Albert was governor of Gorizia for his nephew John Henry IV of Gorizia.

He married Elisabeth, a daughter of Landgrave Henry I of Hesse and, secondly, Euphemia of Mätsch, daughter of bailiff Ulrich II.

This date of birth conflicts with the dates for his older brother Henry III (c. 1263 – d. 1323)

He was the father of:

  • Elisabeth, married Count Herman of Heunberg (d. 1322) and secondly Count William of Schaunberg-Trüchsen
  • Catherine, married Ulrich of Waldsee, who was Landeshauptmann of Styria
  • Clara, married Herdeggen of Pettau, field marshal of Styria
  • Catharina zu Neuhaus, married Ulrich of Taufers at Utenheim
  • Albert III (d. 1365)
  • Henry IV (d. 1361)
  • Meinhard VI (d. 1385)
  • Margaret
Albert II of Gorizia
Born: 1261 Died: 1325
Preceded by
John Henry IV
Governor of Gorizia
Succeeded by
John Henry IV