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Albert Léon Guérard (1880–1959) was a prominent scholar of Comparative Literature. Guérard taught at Stanford University for many years.[1] A prolific author, he published works on French and European civilization and world literature.[2]


  • Testament of a liberal. Harvard University Press, 1956.
  • Art for art's sake. Lothrop, Lee and Shepard Company, 1936.
  • Education of a humanist. Harvard University Press, 1949.
  • Preface to world literature. H. Holt and Company, 1940.
  • Five masters of French romance with Anatole France, Pierre Loti, Paul Bourget, Maurice Barrès, Romain Rolland. Scribners, 1916.

Historical works[edit]

  • French Prophets of Yesterday: A Study of Religious Thought Under the Second Empire.(1913) ISBN 978-1-4446-8453-7.
  • France in the Classical Age. The Life and Death of an Ideal. Scribners, 1928. ISBN 978-1-4067-0677-2.
  • France: A Short History. Norton, 1946.
  • Napoleon I. (1957)
  • French civilization from its origins to the close of the middle ages. (1920)
  • Napoléon III. Harvard University Press, 1943.
  • Beyond hatred; the democratic ideal in France and America. Negro Universities Press, 1969. ISBN 0-8371-1918-9.


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