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The Albert Londres Prize is the highest French journalism award, named in honor of journalist Albert Londres. Created in 1932, it was first awarded in 1933 and is considered the French equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. Three laureates are awarded each year. The three categories are : "best reporter in the written press", "best audiovisual reporter" and "best reporting book".


On the death of Albert Londres, on 16 May 1932, his daughter, Florise Martinet-London, decided to create an award in his memory. From 1933, the Albert Londres prize is awarded every year on May 16, to a young journalist under the age of forty.

Florise Martinet-London died in 1975. The Albert Londres Prize is administered by the Association of Albert Londres Prize, comprising the various winners. Chaired for 21 years by Henri Amouroux, it is chaired since May 2006 by Josette Alia. The prize is awarded by a jury of 19 journalists and winners of the previous year. In 1985, under the influence of Henri de Turenne, also a director, a prize was created for the audiovisual documentary. Since then, the association has been administered by the Civil Society of Multimedia Authors (SCAM), a grouping of authors of documentaries. In 2017, a prize was created for the "best reporting book".


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