Albert Ludovici Sr.

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Bust of Albert Ludovici by Aimé-Jules Dalou at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Albert Johann Ludovici (3 September 1820 in Zittau, Saxony – September 1894 in Vevey, Switzerland), son of Henriette Amilie (née Wölher 1795–1826) and Johann August Ludovici, (1789–1872).

After living in Chemnitz until 1843, he moved to Paris, where he studied at the Atelier Drölling and was a contemporary of the well-known artist Jean-Jacques Henner. He then moved to England, living in Margate, and started his career as a painter. Within two years he had established himself as a successful portrait painter and was able to return to Paris in 1850 to marry Caroline Grenier (1822–1893) and bring her back to England with him. He moved to Mornington Rd, London, where they had five children. He became a British citizen in 1871.

He had a long and established career, often exhibiting at the Royal Society of British Artists, where he was at one point treasurer. Included in the portraits he painted were King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. Ludovici's friend, the sculptor Jules Dalou presented him and his family with a terracotta bust of Ludovici in gratitude for their help after Dalou left Paris and stayed with the Ludovici family in London. Albert Ludovici died in Vevey, Switzerland in September 1894.

Two of Albert's children became artists, his eldest son Albert Ludovici Jr., (1852–1932) and his second daughter Marguerite (Cathelin-Ludovici, 1856–1947). Albert Snr. was the Grandfather of Anthony M Ludovici, who although also a talented painter, chose writing as a career.