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Albert Moses

Albert Moses on 25th March 2005.jpg
Albert Moses in 2005
Born19 December 1937
Died15 September 2017 (aged 79)
Years active1970–2017

Albert Moses, KStJ (19 December 1937 – 15 September 2017)[1] was a Sri Lankan actor based in the United Kingdom. He had begun to act by the 1960s in India where he appeared in several Bollywood films, then produced and directed his first. From India, he moved to Africa where he undertook work on documentaries. From the early 1970s, in Britain, Moses played small parts in several television series before being cast as Ranjeet Singh, a Sikh from Punjab, India, in the ITV sitcom Mind Your Language (1977–79, 1986).[2] His final film was The Snarling (2018)[3] in which he played tribute to his role in An American Werewolf in London (1981). The Snarling is dedicated to his memory. Moses died in September 2017 in London at the age of 79. He was buried at St. Andrew's Church in his native Gampola, Sri Lanka.[4]

Selected credits[edit]





  • Produced 13 episodes of Mind Your Language;
  • Produced and directed Gabriella, a television film produced on location in Malta;
  • Hosted, produced and directed a talent contest variety show
  • Wrote The Seventh Commandment, a television drama;
  • Wrote Side by side, a television comedy;
  • Wrote Don't talk to strangers, a television thriller;
  • Wrote The Jokers, a television drama;
  • Published children's books Tales from India,[6] The hawk and the turtles,[7] and Mustapha Mouse goes to the city;[8]
  • Published a book of 87 poems[9]
  • Past chairman of the Asian, Caribbean, Oriental and Asian Artistes of EQUITY.
  • Ex-governor of a St Albans school.
  • Was on board of directors for a St Albans theatre company.
  • Past member of the London regional committee of ITV under the chairmanship of Lord Lipsey.
  • Past chairman of the St Albans Film Society.
  • Trustee and patron of the Ivy Trust, a children's charity.
  • Volunteered at a local hospital.
  • Volunteered at a local school, running a film workshop for children.
  • Volunteered at a local retirement home.
  • Retired voluntary teacher from a local college, teaching English to foreign students. (See the Mind Your Language page for the irony of this!)
  • Moses was a Knight of the Order of St John.


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