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Albert Ollé Bartolomé is a Spanish businessman born in Barcelona on October 3, 1964. GMP through ESADE,[1] SMP through IESE[2] and OPM through Harvard Business School.[3]

Albert Ollé


Albert Ollé was one of the pioneers of the Call and Contact Center industry in Spain with the foundation in 1989 of Difusió Telemarketing Grup, S.A. (DTG), a teleservices and CRM -Customer Relationship Management- solutions company. In 1995 the company established itself as the most profitable telemarketing company in the country, and as the first independent business without companies from the world of finance or banking as shareholders in it. In 1998, the British capital risk group 3i Europe acquired a part of the shares and decided to become an investor in the company's project with a 35% participation. DTG merged with the North American multinational Teletech Inc., Ltd. (Nasdaq TTEC) in 2000. Albert Ollé became European president of the company, and was appointed as a member of the Group’s International Board. Marcel Planelles, Teacher of the Business Policy Department at ESADE,[4] explains in his book From the idea to the enterprise, in the fourth chapter From house selling to Nasdaq the entrepreneur beginnings of Albert Ollé in the world of the so-called Telesales or Telemarketing at that time, nowadays known as Contact Center industry represented in Spain by the Asociación de Contact Center Española.[5]

Today Albert Ollé is founder and chairman of Corporación Financiera Valora, Presence Technology, Emergia Customer Care and the Fundación Corporación Valora.

Albert Ollé is member of the following organizations and boards:


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