Albert Paley

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Albert Paley
Albert Paley.jpg
Paley (left) shows off his studio in 2006 to Dana Gioia and Louise Slaughter.
Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Alma mater Temple University
Known for Sculpture
Push Plate, a bronze sculpture by Albert Paley, 1981, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Albert Paley (born 1944) is an American modernist metal sculptor.

Early life and education[edit]

He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Paley earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from the Tyler School of Art, a part of Temple University, in Philadelphia.


He initially worked as a goldsmith and moved to Rochester, New York, in 1969 to teach at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he now holds an endowed chair.

His career move from Goldsmith to Metal Sculptor is well explained in an interesting interview by Cathleen McCarthy. See [1].

Paley designed Animals Always, one of his first representational works, a sculpture located at the southeast corner of the St. Louis Zoological Park in St. Louis, Missouri.[1]

In 1998, he received the Artist of the Year Award of the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester.[2]

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