Albert Sauveur

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Albert Sauveur
Born 21 June 1863
Leuven, Belgium
Died 26 January 1939 (1939-01-27) (aged 75)
Occupation Metallurgy
Awards Elliott Cresson Medal (1913)
Franklin Medal (1939)

Albert Sauveur (21 June 1863 – 26 January 1939) was an American Metallurgist, originally from Belgium.

Sauveur was born in Leuven, Belgium. He studied at Athénée Royal in Brussels, then the School of Mines, Liege and graduated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1889.

Sauveur founded the first metallographic laboratory in a university. From 1924 to 1939, he held the Gordon McKay Professor of Mining and Metallurgy title at Harvard University. From 1939 on, ASM International started bestowing the Albert Sauveur Achievement Award, for achievements in materials science and engineering.

He was awarded the Elliott Cresson Medal in 1913 and the Franklin Medal in 1939, both from The Franklin Institute.


  • Metallography and Heat Treatment of Iron and Steel (1912)