Albert T. W. Simeons

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Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons (1900 in London – 1970 in Rome) was the leading exponent of a weight-loss protocol based on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). In 1954, he published a book called "Pounds and Inches",[1] and a paper in the Lancet on his theories.[2]

Scientific consensus does not support Simeons's claims, finding no weight loss attributable to the use of hCG.[3][4]


  • The Mask of a Lion, 1952 (a novel)
  • Pounds & Inches a New Approach to Obesity, 1954
  • Man's Presumptuous Brain: An Evolutionary Interpretation of Psychosomatic Disease, 1961
  • Food: Facts, Foibles & Fables: The Origins of Human Nutrition, 1968


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