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Albert Vanloo (Brussels, 10 September 1846 – 1920, Paris) was a Belgian librettist and playwright.

Vanloo lived in Paris as a child and was attracted to the theatre. As a young student he began writing plays and opéra comique libretti, notably with Eugène Leterrier who remained his main collaborator until the latter's death in 1884. He also worked with the writers William Busnach, Henri Chivot and Georges Duval.


For Alexandre Charles Lecocq

  • Giroflé-Girofla (1874) - with Eugène Letterier
  • La petite mariée (1875) - with Letterier
  • La marjolaine (1877) - with Letterier
  • La Camargo (1879) - with Letterier
  • La jolie persane (1879) - with Letterier
  • Le jour et la nuit (1881) - with Letterier
  • Ali-Baba (1887) - with William Busnach
  • La belle au bois dormant (1900) - with Georges Duval

For Jacques Offenbach

For Emmanuel Chabrier

For Edmond Audran

  • L'oeuf rouge (1890) - with Busnach

For André Messager


  • Vanloo, Albert (1913) Sur le plateau: souvenirs d'une librettiste. Paris


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