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Alberta Aviation Museum
Alberta Aviation Museum.jpg
Alberta Aviation Museum is located in Edmonton
Alberta Aviation Museum
Location in Edmonton
Location 11410 Kingsway, Edmonton, Alberta
Coordinates 53°33′57″N 113°31′2″W / 53.56583°N 113.51722°W / 53.56583; -113.51722
Type Aviation museum
Website Alberta Aviation Museum

The Alberta Aviation Museum is a museum in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is located on-site at the former Edmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport CYXD on the southwest corner of the field (11410 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton).[1][2]

The museum operates daily except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.[3]


McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo in front of the museum

The Alberta Aviation Museum hangar is the last remaining example of a 'double-double' Second World War British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) hangar. These hangars, built for the BCATP across Canada, were made of pre-cut wooden timbers of British Columbia Fir. They could be built as single units, double units, and the 'double-double' which is 4 units.[4][5]

Built in 1940 after 3 double hangars for RCAF Station Edmonton, it was originally opened 5 October 1940 as No. 2 Air Observers School (AOS) under the command of Wop May. After the USA entered the Second World War the airport was used to service United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) aircraft heading to Alaska until the new USAAF base that was to become CFB Namao (now CFB Edmonton) opened outside of Edmonton and absorbed some of the traffic. Postwar the museum hangar was used by No. 418 (City of Edmonton) Reserve Squadron, Pacific Western Airlines and for Distant Early Warning Line (DEW Line) construction before becoming a car dealership in the late 1960s.[4][5]

Known in Edmonton as "The Hangar on Kingsway", it has been designated 'M' Hangar, Hangar #6 and later Building #14 by the Edmonton City Airport. It is now a designated municipal and provincial historic site.[4][5]


With the closure of the City Centre airport the fate of the museum is uncertain. However, on 17 November 2013 it was announced that a new Alberta Flying Heritage Museum would be opening at Edmonton/Villeneuve Airport. The new museum would be hands-on experience and allow aircraft for exhibition to fly in and out. At the same time it would focus on the history of aviation in Alberta while the current museum, which is to remain open, would focus on Edmonton. As part of the new museum the Boeing 737-200 was flown out of the City Centre on 29 November 2013 to its new home at Villeneuve.[6][7][8][9][10]

On March 18, 2015 the Alberta Aviation Museum announced the new acquisition of an Avro Lancaster Bomber KB-882 from Edmundston, New Brunswick.[11][12] In the press conference it was stated that this new acquisition is an indicator that the museum has full intentions of continuing operations for the foreseeable future.


Ground equipment:

Restoration projects[edit]

Current work in progress includes completing the restoration of a Stinson SR-9,returning to airworthy a Piper Super Cub, ERCO Ercoupe and a series of restorations of ground equipment. Also currently underway are the creation of (3) public access flight simulators to supplement the (2) currently in use. A separate group, the Ventura Memorial Flight Association, is also on the same site restoring a Lockheed Ventura GR.V patrol aircraft (RCAF #2195, CF-FAV) to flying condition.[51][52]


The Museum is affiliated with:Alberta Museums Association, Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association, Canadian Museums Association, Canadian Heritage Information Network, Edmonton Heritage Council and Virtual Museum of Canada.


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