Alberta Federation of Labour

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Alberta Fed logo.png
Full name Alberta Federation of Labour
Founded 1912
Members ~170,000
Affiliation CLC
Key people

Gil McGowan, president

Siobán Vipond, secretary treasurer
Office location Edmonton, Alberta
Country Canada

The Alberta Federation of Labour is the Alberta provincial trade union federation of the Canadian Labour Congress. It has a membership of approximately 170,000 from 29 affiliated unions.

The AFL was founded in 1912, when mining workers and tradespeople in Lethbridge organized to demand the establishment of occupational health and safety regulations in Alberta's coal fields which, at the time, had the highest workplace mortality rates in the world.

Today, the Federation continues its tradition of advocacy on issues of concern to working people. Often these issues relate directly to the workplace, but sometimes they relate to broader social issues such as education, pensions, energy policy and public health care.


On April 9, 2013, the AFL obtained a list of all employers who had been granted the ability to hire guest workers under the high-skilled section of the Temporary Foreign Worker program. The list of more than 2,400 employers included hundreds of fast food restaurants.[1]

In August 2014, the Alberta Federation of Labour was fined $50,000 by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission for violating rules with 2012 provincial election robocalls.[2]

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