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This page lists the results of leadership elections held by the Alberta New Democratic Party. The position of party leader was not officially created until the 1963 convention. From the Alberta NDP's formation in 1962 until 1963 the party president was Neil Reimer who served as de facto leader.

1963 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on January 27, 1963)[1]

(Note: the vote totals do not appear to have been released. The race was said to be close.)

Former Alberta CCF leader Floyd Albin Johnson and high school teacher William McLean were also candidates but withdrew before balloting.

1968 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on November 10, 1968)[2]

Notley was killed in a plane crash on October 19, 1984. Ray Martin was chosen interim leader.

1984 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on November 10, 1984)[3]

1994 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on February 5, 1994)

1995 leadership challenge[edit]

(Held on November 11, 1995)[4]

1996 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on September 8, 1996)[5]

Barrett resigned on February 2, 2000. Raj Pannu was chosen interim leader.

2000 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on November 5, 2000)

Pannu resigned on July 13, 2004. Brian Mason was chosen interim leader.

2004 leadership convention[edit]

(Held on September 18, 2004)

2014 leadership convention[edit]

(Held in Edmonton October 18 to 19, 2014)

3,589 votes were cast.[6]

On April 29, 2014, Brian Mason announced that he will step down as leader as soon as a leadership election can be held to choose his successor.[7]


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