Alberta Pandas women's ice hockey

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Alberta Pandas women's ice hockey
Alberta Pandas women's ice hockey athletic logo
University University of Alberta
Conference Canada West
Head coach Howie Draper
15th year, 339–0–12
Arena Clare Drake Arena
Capacity: 3000
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Colors Green, Gold, and White

The Alberta Pandas women's ice hockey team represents the University of Alberta in the Canada West Universities Athletic Association of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport athletic association. Since joining the CIS in 1997, their only head coach has been Howie Draper. On January 25, 2011, it was announced that the 1999-2000 University of Alberta Pandas hockey team would be inducted into the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame.[1]

Early years[edit]

In the era of the First World War, the University of Alberta formed men’s ice hockey and women’s ice hockey teams. The women’s team played many community based teams. The University of Alberta played the Edmonton Monarchs in the Monarchs first ever game in 1918.[2] The city of Edmonton would organize women’s ice hockey into three divisions in 1930: junior, intermediate and senior. The Edmonton Monarchs and the University of Alberta were the only teams that comprised the senior division.[3] In that same year, the University of Alberta would challenge the Edmonton Monarchs for the Alpine Cup. The Monarchs prevailed by a 1-0 score. By 1934, the University of Alberta was demoted to the intermediate division. In 1937, the University of Alberta competed for the Alpine Cup, contested at the Banff Winter Carnival. The club lost to the Calgary Avenue Grills team.[4]


On March 14, 2004, the Pandas gained their third consecutive CIS National Championship and the fourth in the last five years. The win came courtesy of a 2-0 tally over the Ottawa Gee Gees. For the season, the Pandas went 20-0-0 in Canada West play, 7-0 in the postseason, and a 35-0-0 overall mark.[5] CIS Player of the Year Danielle Bourgeois scored both goals in the game[6] as Alberta outshot Ottawa 45-14 overall. The game-winning goal was assisted by Canadian national team member Delaney Collins. With the triumph, the Pandas ran their undefeated streak against CIS opponents to 81 games. During the streak, their last loss to a CIS team was on Oct. 13, 2001.[7]

On November 7, 2009, the Pandas defeated the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds by a score of 3-2. With the victory, the Pandas became the first women’s hockey team in Canada West to hit double digits in the win column this season. The 2008-09 Canada West Rookie of the Year, and first star of the game, Stephanie Ramsay, scored the first goal of the game. She received the feed from sophomore forward Sarah Hilworth (the game’s third star) at the 7:16 mark of the first. Having five assists through her first six games, Tamara Pickford scored 30 seconds into the second period.[8]

On March 14, 2010, the Pandas won the Canadian Interuniversity Sport women's ice hockey championship. In the championship, they defeated the McGill Martlets by a score of 2-0[9]

Year by year[edit]

CIS Tournament champions Conference Champions Second place finish
Season Coach Conf. Record Overall Standings Postseason
1997-98 Howie Draper None 3-1-0 Does not apply Fifth, CIS tournament
1998-99 Howie Draper 4-1-1 20-8-3 First Second, CIS tournament
1999-00 Howie Draper 15-1-1 26-3-1 First CIS tournament champions
2000-01 Howie Draper 13-1-2 20-6-2 Second Did not qualify
2001-02 Howie Draper 16-0-0 33-1-0 First CIS tournament champions
2002-03 Howie Draper 19-0-1 34-0-1 First CIS tournament champions
2003-04 Howie Draper 20-0-0 35-0-0 First CIS tournament champions
2004-05 Howie Draper 20-0-0 28-1-0 First Second, CIS tournament
2005-06 Howie Draper 16-1-3 27-3-3 First CIS tournament champions
2006-07 Howie Draper 21-3-0 33-4-1 First CIS tournament champions
2007-08 Howie Draper 21-2-1 29-5-1 First Fourth, CIS tournament
2008-09 Howie Draper 22-2-0 26-5-0 Second Did not qualify
2009-10 Howie Draper 23-1-0 33-1-0 First CIS tournament champions


Season Coach
1997-98 Trish Semeniuk
1998-99 Marlow Kulak
1999-00 Sue Huculak
2000-01 Krysty Lorenz
2001-02 Krysty Lorenz
2002-03 Judy Diduck
2003-04 Judy Diduck
2004-05 Danielle Bourgeois
2005-06 Kristen Haag
2006-07 Kaye London
2007-08 Jennifer Newton
2008-09 Jennifer Newton
2009-10 Tarin Podloski
2010-11 Leah Copeland
2011-12 Andrea Boras
2012-13 Sarah Hilworth/ Karla Bourke


Player Event Result
Judy Diduck [10] Ice hockey at the 1998 Winter Olympics Silver

Pandas selected in the CWHL Draft[edit]

The following were selected in the 2010 CWHL Draft.[11]

Player Position Team Selection
Delaney Collins Defense Brampton Thunder #5

Awards and honours[edit]

  • Andrea Boras, Gold medallist with Team Canada at the 2011 Winter Universiade

Canada West honours[edit]

  • Danielle Bourgeois, 2004 Canada West MVP
  • Howie Draper, 2004 Canada West Coach of the Year
  • Jennifer Newton, 2008 Canada West Player of the Year[12]

CIS honours[edit]

  • Lori Shupak, 2002 Brodrick Trophy (CIS Most Valuable Player)
  • Taryn Barry, 2007 Marion Hillard Award
  • Danielle Bourgeois, 2004 and 2005 Brodrick Trophy (CIS Most Valuable Player)[13]
  • Lindsay McAlpine, 2007 Brodrick Trophy (CIS Most Valuable Player)
  • Tarin Podloski, 2009 Brodrick Trophy (CIS Most Valuable Player)
  • Howie Draper, 2004 CIS Coach of the Year award

CIS Tournament honours[edit]

  • Danielle Bourgeois, 2004 CIS Tournament MVP
  • Tarin Podloski, MVP of 2006 CIS tournament
  • Kristina Kother, 2006 CIS Tournament All-Star team
  • Lindsay McAlpine, 2007 CIS Tournament MVP, 2007 CIS Tournament All-Stars
  • Holly Tarleton, 2007 CIS Tournament All-Star team
  • Rayanne Reeve, 2007 CIS Tournament All-Star team
  • Tarin Podloski, 2007 CIS Tournament All-Star team

All-CIS selections[edit]

  • Danielle Bourgeois, 2003 CIS First Team All-Canadian
  • Judy Diduck, 2003 CIS Second Team All-Canadian
  • Lori Shupak, 2003 CIS Second Team All-Canadian
  • Danielle Bourgeois, 2004 CIS First Team All-Canadian
  • Delaney Collins, 2004 CIS First Team All-Canadian
  • Judy Diduck, 2004 CIS First Team All-Canadian
  • Kristen Hagg, 2006 CIS First Team All-Canadian
  • Tarin Podloski, 2006 CIS Second-Team All-Canadian
  • Lindsay McAlpine, 2007 CIS First Team All-Canadian[14]
  • Tarin Podloski, 2007 CIS Second Team All-Canadian
  • Rayanee Reeve, 2007 CIS Second Team All-Canadian
  • Nicole Pratt, 2010 All-CIS Second Team selection
  • Tarin Podloski, 2010 All-CIS Second Team selection[15]

Team MVP[edit]

Season MVP
1997-98 Krysty Lorenz
1998-99 Lori Shupak
Stacey McCullough
Danielle Bourgeois
2005-06 Kristen Hagg
2006-07 Lindsay McAlpine
2007-08 Jennifer Newton
2008-09 Tarin Podloski
2009-10 Dana Vinge


Player Event Result
Andrea Boras[16] 2011 Winter Universiade Gold


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