Alberta general election, 1967

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Alberta general election, 1967
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← 1963 May 23, 1967 (1967-05-23) 1971 →

65 seats in Legislative Assembly of Alberta
33 seats were needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Ernest Manning.jpg
Leader Ernest Manning Peter Lougheed Michael Maccagno
Party Social Credit Progressive Conservative Liberal
Leader since May 31, 1943 1965 January 28, 1967
Leader's seat Strathcona East Calgary-West Lac La Biche
Last election 60 seats, 54.8% 0 seats, 12.7% 2 seats, 19.8%
Seats before 57 0 3
Seats won 55 6 3
Seat change Decrease2 Increase6 ±0
Popular vote 222,270 129,544 53,847
Percentage 44.6% 26.0% 10.8%
Swing Decrease10.2% Increase13.3% Decrease9.0%

Premier before election

Ernest Manning
Social Credit


Ernest Manning
Social Credit

The Alberta general election of 1967 was the sixteenth general election for the Province of Alberta, Canada. It was held on May 23, 1967 to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Ernest C. Manning led the Social Credit Party to its ninth consecutive majority government, winning 55 of the 65 seats in the legislature, despite getting less than 45% of the popular vote. This proved to be an ominous sign for the party; it had not won less than half the popular vote since 1955.

The once-moribund Progressive Conservatives, led by young lawyer Peter Lougheed, emerged as the main opposition to Social Credit. They won over a quarter of the popular vote and six seats, mostly in Calgary and Edmonton. Social Credit was slow to adapt to the changes in Alberta as its two largest cities gained increasing influence.

Despite losing close to half of the share of the popular vote they had won in the 1963 election, the Liberals managed to increase their number of seats from two to three as a result of the decline in the Social Credit vote.

Voters also decided upon the adoption of daylight saving time, in a province-wide plebiscite. It was defeated by a very slim margin with 51.25% voting against.

This was the first Alberta election in which Treaty Indians had the right to vote.


Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular vote
1963 Dissolution Elected % Change # % % Change
     Social Credit Ernest C. Manning 65 60 57 55 -8.3% 222,270 44.60% -10.21%
Progressive Conservative Peter Lougheed 47 - - 6   129,544 26.00% +13.29%
Liberal Michael Maccagno 45 2 3 3 +50.0% 53,847 10.81% -8.95%
     Independent 7 - - 1   6,916 1.38% +0.40%
     NDP Neil Reimer 65 - 1 - - 79,610 15.98% +6.53%
Coalition Frank Gainer 2 1 1 - -100% 3,654 0.73% +0.19%
  Independent Progressive Conservative 2 * - - * 1,118 0.22% *
Liberal/Progressive Conservative Ross Ellis 1 - - - - 699 0.14% -0.14%
Independent Social Credit 2 - 1 - - 693 0.14% -0.65%
Total 236 63 63 65 +3.2% 498,351 100%
Source: Elections Alberta


* Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election

Daylight saving time plebiscite[edit]

The Province of Alberta voted on its fifth provincial plebiscite. Voters were asked to endorse a proposal to adopt daylight saving time (summer time). The proposal was rejected by a very slim margin. The question was asked again in the next election, and passed at that time.

Do you favour province-wide daylight saving time?
For Against
236,555     48.75% 248,680     51.25%

For break down of results see individual districts

Members elected[edit]

For complete electoral history, see individual districts.

16th Alberta Legislative Assembly
District Member Party
     Alexandra Anders Aalborg Social Credit
     Athabasca Antonio Aloisio Social Credit
     Banff-Cochrane Clarence Copithorne Independent
     Bonnyville Romeo Lamothe Social Credit
     Bow Valley-Empress Fred Mandeville Social Credit
  Calgary Bowness Len Werry Progressive Conservative
     Calgary Centre Frederick Colborne Social Credit
     Calgary East Albert Ludwig Social Credit
  Calgary Glenmore Bill Dickie Liberal
     Calgary North Robert A. Simpson Social Credit
     Calgary Queens Park Lee Leavitt Social Credit
     Calgary South Arthur Dixon Social Credit
  Calgary West Peter Lougheed Progressive Conservative
  Calgary Victoria Park David Russell Progressive Conservative
     Camrose Chester Sayers Social Credit
     Cardston Alvin Bullock Social Credit
     Clover Bar Walt Buck Social Credit
     Cypress Harry Strom Social Credit
     Drumheller-Gliechen Gordon Taylor Social Credit
     Dunvegan Ernest Lee Social Credit
     Edmonton Centre Ambrose Holowach Social Credit
     Edmonton Jasper Place John Horan Social Credit
     Edmonton North Ethel Wilson Social Credit
     Edmonton North East Lou Heard Social Credit
     Edmonton North West Edgar Gerhart Social Credit
     Edmonton Norwood William Tomyn Social Credit
  Edmonton West Lou Hyndman Progressive Conservative
  Edson William Switzer Liberal
     Grande Prairie Ira McLaughlin Social Credit
     Grouard Roy Ells Social Credit
     Hand Hills-Acadia Clinton French Social Credit
  Lac La Biche Michael Maccagno Liberal
  Lac Ste. Anne Hugh Horner Progressive Conservative
     Lacombe Allen Patrick Social Credit
     Leduc James Henderson Social Credit
     Lethbridge John Landeryou Social Credit
     Little Bow Raymond Speaker Social Credit
     Macleod Leighton Buckwell Social Credit
     Medicine Hat Harry Leinweber Social Credit
     Okotoks-High River Edward Benoit Social Credit
     Olds-Didsbury Robert Clark Social Credit
     Peace River Robert Wiebe Social Credit
     Pembina Carl Muller Social Credit
     Pincher Creek-Crowsnest Charles Drain Social Credit
     Ponoka Neville Roper Social Credit
     Red Deer William Ure Social Credit
     Redwater Michael Senych Social Credit
     Rocky Mountain House Alfred Hooke Social Credit
     Sedgewick-Coronation Jack Hillman Social Credit
     Spirit River Adolph Fimrite Social Credit
     St. Albert Keith Everitt Social Credit
     St. Paul Raymond Reierson Social Credit
     Stettler Galen Norris Social Credit
     Stony Plain Ralph Jespersen Social Credit
     Strathcona Centre Joseph Donovan Ross Social Credit
     Strathcona East Ernest Manning Social Credit
     Strathcona South Gerrit Radstaak Social Credit
  Strathcona West Don Getty Progressive Conservative
     Taber-Warner Douglas Miller Social Credit
     Three Hills Raymond Ratzlaff Social Credit
     Vegreville-Bruce Alex Gordey Social Credit
     Vermilion Ashley Cooper Social Credit
     Wainwright Henry Ruste Social Credit
     Wetaskiwin Albert Strohschein Social Credit
     Willingdon-Two Hills Nicholas Melnyk Social Credit

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