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Alberta provincial electoral districts are currently single member ridings that each elect one member to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. There are 87 districts fixed in law in Alberta.


The original twenty five districts were drawn up by Liberal Member of Parliament Frank Oliver prior to the first general election of 1905. The original boundaries were widely regarded as being gerrymandered to favor the Alberta Liberal Party. Every boundary redistribution since 1905 has been based on the original boundaries, with districts being split or merged.

From 1905 to 1926 with only a few exceptions each district elected a single member on the First Past the Post system. Calgary and Edmonton as well as Medicine Hat were elected on a plurality block vote, where each voter had as many votes as candidates were elected.

There have also been a couple of cases where members were elected at large, and did not represent any districts.

From 1926 to 1955 members in Calgary and Edmonton were elected in Single Transferable Vote super ridings that had five to seven members. Outside of the two cities one member was elected under the optional system, with vote transfer taking place only if one candidate had less than 50% of the vote. There were no district changes between 1926 and 1940.

With Alberta in a population boom in the fifties and Calgary and Edmonton growing, single transferable vote was becoming too complicated, with vote counting taking days before any results could be announced. In 1959 the "super-ridings" were broken up and the voting system was made standard across the province.

In 1977 Elections Alberta was created to independently oversee election laws. Independent boundary commissions were set up to tweak the boundaries to population changes that occurred after every census.

As is the case with nearly every other Canadian jurisdiction, the number of districts has not increased in proportion to the population. Prior to the 1986 election the number of districts was fixed by law at 83 thus any change to that number would have to be enacted by the legislature. Even though the population has increased by more than 40% since 1986, the number of districts did not change until 2010. The 2012 election saw the number increase to 87.

List of provincial electoral districts[edit]

Name MLA   Party Population (2011)[1] Median Income (2011)[2]
Airdrie Angela Pitt Wildrose 45,955 $60,524
Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater Colin Piquette New Democrat 37,060 $56,741
Banff-Cochrane Cam Westhead New Democrat 46,075 $56,603
Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock Glenn Van Dijken   Wildrose 40,670 $48,588
Battle River-Wainwright Wes Taylor   Wildrose 37,675 $46,988
Bonnyville-Cold Lake Scott Cyr Wildrose 35,165 $59,996
Calgary-Acadia Brandy Payne New Democrat 37,890 $53,262
Calgary-Bow Deborah Drever New Democrat 39,520 $64,985
Calgary-Buffalo Kathleen Ganley New Democrat 39,415 $54,913
Calgary-Cross Ricardo Miranda New Democrat 46,195 $42,992
Calgary-Currie Brian Malkinson New Democrat 44,450 $53,241
Calgary-East Robyn Luff New Democrat 47,735 $43,880
Calgary-Elbow Greg Clark Alberta Party 45,760 $67,959
Calgary-Fish Creek Richard Gotfried Progressive Conservative 38,455 $64,793
Calgary-Foothills Prasad Panda Wildrose 43,015 $65,262
Calgary-Fort Joe Ceci New Democrat 41,660 $46,862
Calgary-Glenmore Anam Kazim New Democrat 46,095 $58,712
Calgary-Greenway Vacant 46,130 $41,333
Calgary-Hawkwood Michael Connolly New Democrat 47,520 $64,978
Calgary-Hays Ric McIver Progressive Conservative 41,505 $66,327
Calgary-Klein Craig Coolahan New Democrat 42,800 $55,235
Calgary-Lougheed Dave Rodney Progressive Conservative 47,285 $60,144
Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill Karen McPherson New Democrat 42,535 $54,491
Calgary-McCall Irfan Sabir New Democrat 45,245 $42,245
Calgary-Mountain View David Swann Liberal 40,850 $64,783
Calgary-North West Sandra Jansen Progressive Conservative 46,460 $76,108
Calgary-Northern Hills Jamie Kleinsteuber New Democrat 51,610 $58,324
Calgary-Shaw Graham Sucha New Democrat 43,940 $63,218
Calgary-South East Rick Fraser Progressive Conservative 48,945 $64,020
Calgary-Varsity Stephanie McLean New Democrat 40,875 $60,908
Calgary-West Mike Ellis Progressive Conservative 40,950 $85,624
Cardston-Taber-Warner Grant Hunter Wildrose 38,505 $44,658
Chestermere-Rocky View Leela Aheer Wildrose 45,925 $64,826
Cypress-Medicine Hat Drew Barnes Wildrose 40,345 $50,184
Drayton Valley-Calmar Mark Smith Wildrose 40,215 $50,869
Drumheller-Stettler Rick Strankman Wildrose 36,840 $43,459
Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley Margaret McCuaig-Boyd New Democrat 23,050 $44,932
Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview Deron Bilous New Democrat 45,475 $49,755
Edmonton-Calder David Eggen New Democrat 44,655 $52,833
Edmonton-Castle Downs Nicole Goehring New Democrat 45,740 $54,878
Edmonton-Centre David Shepherd New Democrat 40,750 $48,993
Edmonton-Decore Chris Nielsen New Democrat 43,755 $48,398
Edmonton-Ellerslie Rod Loyola New Democrat 42,540 $54,820
Edmonton-Glenora Sarah Hoffman New Democrat 42,000 $50,122
Edmonton-Gold Bar Marlin Schmidt New Democrat 42,540 $58,042
Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood Brian Mason New Democrat 43,020 $46,860
Edmonton-Manning Heather Sweet New Democrat 44,860 $53,328
Edmonton-McClung Lorne Dach New Democrat 39,265 $55,752
Edmonton-Meadowlark Jon Carson New Democrat 41,925 $49,474
Edmonton-Mill Creek Denise Woollard New Democrat 41,495 $52,849
Edmonton-Mill Woods Christina Gray New Democrat 41,030 $49,154
Edmonton-Riverview Lori Sigurdson New Democrat 40,000 $57,990
Edmonton-Rutherford Richard Feehan New Democrat 40,185 $57,782
Edmonton-South West Thomas Dang New Democrat 43,780 $64,343
Edmonton-Strathcona Rachel Notley New Democrat 40,315 $51,350
Edmonton-Whitemud Bob Turner New Democrat 48,860 $72,504
Fort McMurray-Conklin Brian Jean Wildrose 26,075 $98,417
Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo Tany Yao Wildrose 40,855 $106,908
Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville Jessica Littlewood New Democrat 42,945 $57,137
Grande Prairie-Smoky Todd Loewen Wildrose 44,115 $57,038
Grande Prairie-Wapiti Wayne Drysdale Progressive Conservative 48,800 $60,916
Highwood Wayne Anderson Wildrose 48,940 $60,078
Innisfail-Sylvan Lake Don McIntyre Wildrose 42,230 $51,930
Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills Dave Hanson Wildrose 30,790 $43,825
Lacombe-Ponoka Ron Orr Wildrose 39,760 $49,907
Leduc-Beaumont Shaye Anderson New Democrat 46,550 $58,093
Lesser Slave Lake Danielle Larivee New Democrat 27,700 $49,192
Lethbridge-East Maria Fitzpatrick New Democrat 43,175 $45,912
Lethbridge-West Shannon Phillips New Democrat 40,285 $49,241
Little Bow Dave Schneider Wildrose 37,755 $41,775
Livingstone-Macleod Pat Stier Wildrose 42,700 $46,943
Medicine Hat Bob Wanner New Democrat 38,350 $48,013
Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills Nathan Cooper Wildrose 43,010 $47,923
Peace River Debbie Jabbour New Democrat 35,680 $49,380
Red Deer-North Kim Schreiner New Democrat 43,765 $49,891
Red Deer-South Barb Miller New Democrat 46,800 $54,916
Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre Jason Nixon Wildrose 40,205 $44,905
Sherwood Park Annie McKitrick New Democrat 41,475 $69,023
Spruce Grove-St. Albert Trevor Horne New Democrat 51,800 $63,117
St. Albert Marie Renaud New Democrat 44,420 $67,036
Stony Plain Erin Babcock New Democrat 42,430 $63,712
Strathcona-Sherwood Park Estefania Cortes-Vargas New Democrat 46,620 $71,299
Strathmore-Brooks Derek Fildebrandt Wildrose 44,900 $50,121
Vermilion-Lloydminster Richard Starke Progressive Conservative 36,540 $52,877
West Yellowhead Eric Rosendahl New Democrat 30,995 $62,422
Wetaskiwin-Camrose Bruce Hinkley New Democrat 41,890 $47,164
Whitecourt-Ste. Anne Oneil Carlier New Democrat 37,190 $53,828

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