Alberthiene Endah

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Alberthiene Endah
Born 16 September[A][1]
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Occupation Novelist, Biographer, Journalist
Nationality Indonesian
Period 1993–present

Rr. Alberthiene Endah Kusumawardhani Sutoyo (16 September),[A] better known as Alberthiene Endah, is an Indonesian biographer, novelist, and journalist. She is known for her in-depth biographies of Indonesian celebrities, such as Chrisye and Krisdayanti. She has been called "the most sought after biographer in [Indonesia]."[1]


Endah was born in Bandung, West Java, but grew up in Depok. She was interested in writing from a young age, and decided to become a journalist while in junior high school.[2] Upon graduating senior high school she majored in Dutch literature at Universitas Indonesia.[1]

Endah received her first job working for the magazine Hidup in 1993.[2] In 1996, she started at the women's magazine Femina.[1] While working at Femina, Endah interviewed many people, among them Jennifer Lopez, Xanana Gusmão,[2] and Krisdayanti, who asked her to write her biography. That biography was released in 2003 under the title Seribu Satu KD.[1]

In 2004, Endah resigned from her position at Femina to focus on her career as a freelance writer[1] and lead the editorial board at Prodo magazine.[2] During this time, she was approached by several public figures and asked to write their biography.[1]

She also released her first novel, Don't Give Me Drugs (Indonesian: Jangan Beri Aku Narkoba), in 2004. Don't Give Me Drugs received an award from the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency for her "effort in combating drugs" and first place at the 2005 Adikarya Awards. In 2005, Don't Give Me Drugs was adapted into the film The Last Second (Indonesian: Detik Terakhir).[1]

Between May and November 2006, Endah worked on writing musician Chrisye's biography while he was battling lung cancer.[1] She has called it her "most special" work[2] and Chrisye's willingness to be interviewed "like a miracle."[1]

In 2010 she announced that she was working on a biography of actress Luna Maya. Endah has stated that she plans on writing a full biography, not just about the star's recent sex tape scandal.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Endah is married to Indonesian photographer Dio Hilaul.[1]

When writing biographies, Endah participates in the subjects day-to-day activities. She has called writing biographies "like dating [the subject]", because of the need to be involved in their activities.[1] She has accompanied subjects on tour, in video editing sessions, and during their fight against cancer.[1]


Her works include:[1]

Year Title Title in English Notes
2003 Seribu Satu KD One Thousand and One KDs First biography
2004 Panggung Hidup Raam Punjabi Raam Punjabi's Life on the Stage
2004 Dwi Ria Latifa: Berpolitik dengan Nurani Politics with a Conscience
2006 Venna Melinda Guide to Good Living: Bugar dan Cantik ala Venna Melinda Fit and Beautiful the Venna Melinda Way
2007 Anne Avantie: Aku, Anugerah dan Kebaya Me, The Gift and Kebaya
2007 Chrisye: Sebuah Memoar Musikal A Musical Memoir
2008 Titiek Puspa: A Legendary Diva Titiek Puspa: A Legendary Diva On Titiek Puspa
2009 Catatan Hati Krisdayanti — My Life, My Secret Krisdayanti's Memoirs — My Life, My Secret
2010 Memoar Romantika Probosutedjo : Saya dan Mas Harto Probosutedjo's Romantic Memoir : Me and My Brother, Harto
2011 Merry Riana — Mimpi Sejuta Dolar Merry Riana — A Million Dollar Dream
2012 Joko Widodo - Menyentuh Jakarta Joko Widodo - Touching Jakarta
Year Title Title in English Notes
2004 Jangan Beri Aku Narkoba Don't Give Me Drugs First novel
2004 Cewek Matre The Material Girl
2004 Jodoh Monika Monika's Partner
2005 Dicintai Jo Loved by Jo
2008 Selebriti Celebrity
2009 Ojek Cantik The Beautiful Motorbike Taxi Driver
2009 Nyonya Jetset Miss Jetset


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