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Flag of Albertirsa
Coat of arms of Albertirsa
Coat of arms
Albertirsa is located in Hungary
Coordinates: 47°14′24″N 19°36′24″E / 47.24000°N 19.60667°E / 47.24000; 19.60667Coordinates: 47°14′24″N 19°36′24″E / 47.24000°N 19.60667°E / 47.24000; 19.60667
Country Hungary
 • MayorFazekas László
 • Total72.96 km2 (28.17 sq mi)
 (1 January 2015)
 • Total12,212
 • Density170/km2 (430/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code(+36) 53

Albertirsa (formerly Alberti-Irsa, Slovak: Irša) is a town in Ceglédi kistérség, Pest megye, and the middle of the Great Hungarian Plain.


Initially Albertirsa was two separate inhabitations: Alberti and Irsa, having joined in 1950.

  • 1277: King Ladislaus IV mentions the name of Alberti (as Alberth) tenure in one of his charters
  • 1368: The chapter of Buda mentions Irsa (from Slavic *jelsa) as an inhabitation
  • 1597: Both villages got emptied after the 1241 Mongol invasion and the Ottoman conquest in the 16th century
  • September 29, 1711: Local landlord András Váracskay brings settlers to populate the grassland of Alberti-Irsa. 24 chariots of Slovak settlers arrive to Alberti
  • 1714: Royal endowment letter grants the ownership of Alberti to Márton Szeleczky
  • 1719: András Irsay has one third of Irsa of Pest shire
  • 1731: Beginning of mandatory lecturing for commons in local landlord funded school
  • 1784: Descendants of Márton Szeleczky attain the rights for Alberti to hold markets. This right also grants the market town title.
  • September 1, 1847: First train arrives
  • 1848: Hundreds joining to the 1848 Revolution after the recruitment speech of Kossuth at Cegléd
  • 1924: Civil School of Irsa founded
  • September 6, 1950: The two villages Alberti and Irsa are joined under the name of Albertirsa by an ordinance of the Ministry for Home Affairs
  • 1979: Inauguration of Hungary's first 750 kV substation south of Albertirsa
  • 1995: Gerje-Party Association founded
  • 1996: Inauguration of the new flag and symbol during the millennium festival
  • July 1, 2003: town status granted to Albertirsa, which has 11547 inhabitants this time

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Near Albertirsa, there is the only 750 kV-substation in Hungary. At it, the 750 kV-powerline from Zakhidnoukrainska in Ukraine ends.

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Albertirsa is twinned:


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