Alberto Camerini

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Alberto Camerini
Alberto Camerini 2.jpg
Born (1951-05-16) 16 May 1951 (age 67)
São Paulo, Brazil
Occupation singer-songwriter

Alberto Camerini (born May 16, 1951) is an Italian singer-songwriter and musician, who was commercially most active during the late-1970s and early-1980s.

Life and career[edit]

Alberto Camerini was born in São Paulo, Brazil from Italian parents who had moved to South America a few years earlier. His parents moved back to Milan when Alberto was 11 years old.[1] Camerini enrolled at the University of Milan, where he became friends with Eugenio Finardi, who introduced him to music;[2] together with Eugenio Finardi, Camerini started two bands, "Il Pacco" and "L'Enorme Maria". Camerini became a proficient guitarist and he later did session work for musicians such as Patty Pravo, Stormy Six, Fausto Leali and Eugenio Finardi himself.[1][2]

Camerini started his solo career in 1976, with the single "Pane quotidiano" and three albums that proposed an original mix between rock and Brazilian music.[1] In the eighties Camerini initiated a successful collaboration with lyrics author and record producer Roberto Colombo. Inspired by the Kraut rock movement that was dominant in Europe at the time, Camerini had a significant commercial success with a number of synthpop hits, particularly with the songs "Rock 'n' roll robot" and "Tanz bambolina".[1][2] In 1984 Camerini participated to the Sanremo Music Festival where he finished 16th. Following the lukewarm reception to his 1986 album Angeli in Blue Jeans, Camerini took a break from music for about a decade.[1][3]In 1995 Camerini reprised his career and recorded the album, Dove l'arcobaleno arriva.


Selected singles[edit]

  • 1976 – Pane quotidiano
  • 1977 – Gelato metropolitano
  • 1978 – Sciocka
  • 1980 – Sintonizzati con me
  • 1980 – Serenella
  • 1981 – Rock 'n' roll robot
  • 1982 – Tanz bambolina
  • 1982 – Questo amore
  • 1983 – Computer capriccio
  • 1984 – La bottega del caffè
  • 1986 – Va bene così

Studio albums[edit]

  • 1976 – Cenerentola e il pane quotidiano
  • 1977 – Gelato metropolitano
  • 1978 – Comici cosmetici
  • 1980 – Alberto Camerini
  • 1981 – Rudy e Rita
  • 1982 – Rockmantico
  • 1986 – Angeli in blue jeans
  • 1995 – Dove l'arcobaleno arriva
  • 2001 – Cyberclown
  • 2005 – Kids Wanna Rock


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