Alberto Edwards

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Alberto Edwards
Edwards, Alberto -f2.jpg
Born (1874-11-25)25 November 1874
Valparaíso, Chile
Died (1932-04-03)3 April 1932
Santiago, Chile
Occupation Politician, lawyer and historian

Luis Alberto Edwards Vives[1] (1874 in Valparaíso – 1932 in Santiago) was a Chilean historian, nationalist politician and lawyer. He was a member of the influential Edwards family.

His famous work was La fronda aristocrática en Chile (1928), in which analyses the history of Chile in the 19th century, as a conflict between the authoritarian state and the aristocracy.[2]


He was member of the Montt-Varist Party, and was deputy from 1909 to 1912 representing Valparaíso and Casablanca. In 1915 he founded Nationalist Party along with Francisco Antonio Encina and Guillermo Subercaseaux.[1]

Edwards served as a Minister of Finances in the government of Emiliano Figueroa Larraín, from November 1926 to February 1927. In the government of Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, he headed several Ministers: Education, from October 1930 to April 1931; External Relations, in July 1931; and Justice, in late 1931.[1]


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