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Alberto Fortis (2007)

Alberto Fortis (born 3 June 1955 in Domodossola) is an Italian musician and songwriter.[1]

Fortis, who released his first album Alberto Fortis in 1979, is the composer of both music and lyrics, and has directed the video clips for three of his songs.[1] Alberto Fortis contains a famous song "Milano e Vincenzo". In Italy it is known "Vincenzo, io t'ammazzerò" ("Vincent, I'm going to kill you") as well, from the first words in the song, where Fortis is angry with Vincenzo Micocci, his first producer.

His discography includes recordings from official collections and live recordings with a dozen discs made in Italy and abroad (Los Angeles, New York City and London).[1] Three of his albums have gone gold.[citation needed]

In the late eighties and early nineties Fortis wrote poetry which was published in two books, Tributo giapponese (1988) and Dentro il giardino (1994), both of which were edited by Giovanni Tranchida.[1][2]

Much in vogue in the eighties, Fortis has recently experienced a lull in his career; however, he returned to prominence in 2006 with his participation in the third edition of the reality show Music Farm, hosted by Simona Ventura (a show similar to the Hit Me, Baby, One More Time format) on Rai Due.[3]



  • 1979 - Alberto Fortis (Albume)
  • 1980 - Tra demonio e santità
  • 1981 - La grande grotta
  • 1982 - Fragole infinite
  • 1984 - El nino
  • 1985 - West of Broadway
  • 1987 - Assolutamente tuo
  • 1990 - Carta del cielo
  • 1991 - L'uovo (Live-Album)
  • 1991 - Fortissimo
  • 1994 - Dentro al giardino
  • 2001 - Angeldom
  • 2003 - Universo Fortis
  • 2005 - Fiori sullo schermo futuro
  • 2014 - Do l'anima
  • 2016 - Con Te EP ( Sony Music Italia )


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