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Alberto Hurtado University
Universidad Alberto Hurtado
Motto The Jesuit University of Chile
Type Jesuit
Established October 23, 1997; 20 years ago (October 23, 1997)
President Cristián del Campo Simonetti SJ[1]
Rector Eduardo Silva Arévalo S.J.
Academic staff
Students 4300
Address Almirante Barroso 6, Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile, Chile
Website uahurtado

Alberto Hurtado University (Spanish: Universidad Alberto Hurtado – UAH) is a Jesuit university located in downtown Santiago. Established in 1997, the university was created from the merger of three separate institutes: Instituto Latinoamericano de Doctrina y Estudios Sociales (ILADES), the Centro de Investigación, Desarrollo de la Educación (CIDE), and the Fundación Educacional Roberto Bellarmino. The university is named after a famous Chilean Jesuit Saint, Father Alberto Hurtado. UAH is a member of the AUSJAL and of FLACSI. It receives support from Fundación Mar Adentro.[3]


The school is located in downtown Santiago, one subway stop west of the Presidential Palace. As the school has grown since its inception it has bought several of the larger homes in the area to create class space and faculty offices. One of the buildings the university bought was the former headquarters of the soccer team Club Deportivo y Social Colo Colo.


The University is composed of six schools: Psychology, Education, Philosophy and Humanities, Law, Economics and Business, and Social Sciences.[4]

The School of Economics and Business ILADES[5] is closely connected with its Jesuit partner institution Georgetown University. It is possible to earn a Georgetown Masters of Arts degree in economics by taking all of the classes in Chile. ILADES was the recipient of a grant subsidizing the study of US-Latin American relations.[6]

The School of Education has its own research Center for Investigation and Development in Education (CIDE).[7]

In 2017 the Department of Political Science and International Relations of UAH entered into an agreement with the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies to join together their critical reflection on Chile's relations with South America.[8]

The Psychology Department has engaged students in the study of the past history of Chile, through Villa Grimaldi Park for Peace.[9]

UAH has offered a joint program in oral criminal litigation with Washington College of Law of American University.[10]

The University publishes the social science journal Persona y Sociedad.[11]

UAH has bestowed awards for excellence in journalism.[12]

Social justice[edit]

The Center for Reflection and Social Action (CREAS) facilitates social development initiatives throughout the university community and with outreach to the government and general public.

UAH has an Interdisciplinary Program on Migration Studies (PRIEM) which links various departments and centers within the university in research, teaching and extension work related to the issue of migrants.[13]

UAH from its interest in assisting the most vulnerable communities extended its educational outreach to the officials of the Municipality of Maipú, for its continuous education and postgraduate programs of the Department of Political Science.[14]

UAH is seriously committed to social justice.[15] In fall of 2007 the school proposed an increase in tuition. Students, many of whom were first generation college students, objected to the increase and went on strike. The University was understanding of the students' complaints and allowed the strike to proceed on campus. Ultimately the issue was settled to the mutual satisfaction of both sides.

Then in 2016 students protesters caused severe damage to the university leading to suspensions. This provoked public debate over the issues involved.[16]

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