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Alberto Ponce (born Alberto González Muñoz) is a Spanish classical guitarist and teacher[1][2] born March 13, 1935 in Madrid, Spain,[3] who since 1962 has lived and taught in France.


Alberto Ponce's father was his first teacher. When he was a child he entered the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona, Spain, where, in addition to guitar, he studied piano, harmony and chamber music. He left the Conservatory with a diploma and an Honorable Mention and then met a person who would have a major influence on his career: Emilio Pujol. The Catalan musicologist and scholar advised him to enter the Lisbon Conservatory. After three years of study Ponce perfected his technique with him at the Accademia Chigiana di Siena, where he increased his knowledge of the music of the Spanish Golden Age.[3]

In 1961 he won first prize at the International Competition in Paris, organized by Radio France. In 1962, Nadia Boulanger asked him to teach at the Fontainebleau Conservatory. In the same year he was asked to become a professor at the Ecole Normale of music in Paris[4] by Alfred Cortot, the director. There he has had an unprecedented pedagogical career, having created one of the most prolific schools[citation needed] of contemporary guitar.

For many years Alberto Ponce was one of the few guitarists to dedicate himself continually to both early and contemporary music. He has influenced numerous artists, including Maurice Ohana, Chayne, Dyens,[5] Ravier, Antonio Ruiz-Pipo, and Yoram Zerbib. He taught at the National Conservatory of Paris and teaches at the Ecole Normale of music in Paris.


  • Si le jour paraît

Composer : Maurice Ohana (1914-)

Orquesta Filarmonica del Prado ; Daniel Chabrun, conductor.

Arion ARN 38 240. p 1974.

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