A.S.D. Albignasego Calcio

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Albignasego Calcio
Albignasego Calcio.gif
Full name Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Albignasego Calcio
Founded 1959
2010 (refounded)
Ground Stadio Massimo Montagna,
Albignasego, Italy
League Promozione

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Albignasego Calcio (formerly Universitaria Albignasego) is an Italian association football club located in Albignasego, Veneto. It currently plays in Promozione.

It has set a record in Italian football as it has been promoted 5 times in 5 years: this means they've always won their championship for the last 5 years.


Albignasego Calcio[edit]

The club was founded in 1959 as Albignasego Calcio. In 2008 the club was promoted for the first time in Serie D.

In 2010 it merged with Calcio San Paolo Padova.[1]


The logo used for the rebirth of Albignasego.

Universitaria Albignasego[edit]

The CUS Calcio Padova was founded in 1946 in the University of Padua.

In summer 2010 it moved to Albignasego and changed their denomination to Universitaria Albignasego.

Albignasego Calcio[edit]

In 2013, after changing its name to Albignasego Calcio, it is promoted in Prima Categoria.

Colors and badge[edit]

Its color is garnet.


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