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Albo can refer to:

  • August Albo, (1893–1963), an Estonian artist
  • Dave Albo (1962-), a Virginia politician
  • Frank Albo, a researcher and teacher from the University of Winnipeg
  • Ida Albo, a managing partner of the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada
  • Joseph Albo, the 15th century Jewish rabbi.
  • The nickname of Anthony Albanese (1963-), Australian politician and former Australian Deputy Prime Minister[1]


  • Albo Hundred, a local legislative district of Sweden
  • Albo Panchina d'Oro (Golden Bench), an annual title awarded to the best Italian football (soccer) coach of the Serie A season
  • Monte Albo, a limestone massif 13 kilometres wide, in the central eastern portion of Island of Sardinia, Italy
  • An ethnic slur toward Albanian-Americans

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