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Albrecht Theodorich Freiherr[1] Besserer von Thalfingen (October 8, 1787 – February 1, 1839) was a Bavarian General,[2] Hofmarschall of Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria, and Acting[3] War Minister under Ludwig I of Bavaria from November 1, 1838 to January 28, 1839.[4][5]

Besserer, a member of the Besserer von Thalfingen line, was born in Langenau and died in Munich. On September 26, 1819 he married Caroline Adelheid Walburga Josepha Wilhelmina Freiin von Verger (1789 -1870). [6]The couple had two children, Maximilian Joseph Aloys (born 1820) and Therese Sophia (born 1824).[7]

References and notes[edit]

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Government offices
Preceded by
Franz Xaver von Freiherr Hertling
Ministers of War (Bavaria)
1838–1839 (acting)
Succeeded by
Friedrich Freiherr von Hertling