Berlin Albrechtshof station

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Berlin Albrechtshof
Location Spandau, Staaken, Berlin
Coordinates 52°32′58″N 13°07′42″E / 52.54944°N 13.12833°E / 52.54944; 13.12833
Other information
Station code 45 [1]
DS100 code BAS [2]
Category 5 [1]
Opened 1 April 1943

Berlin Albrechtshof is a railway station located in Staaken, a locality in the Spandau district of Berlin. It is, also with Berlin Staaken, the only Berliner DB station not served by the S-Bahn.


The station is situated on the Berlin–Hamburg railway, between the stations of Berlin Spandau and Seegefeld.

The station is equipped by two outer platforms for passenger service, served only by the local trains RB10 (in 2014: Berlin Hauptbahnhof - Jungfernheide - Nauen) and RB14 (Senftenberg-Nauen).[3] The regional express trains do not call here.

On 5 December 1961 Albrechtshof station was the scene of the successful escape of a Reichsbahn steam-engine driver, who managed to overcome the barriers erected in August that year. As a consequence of the escape of 25 GDR citizens to West-Berlin, 20 metres of track were removed to prevent another breakthrough.

The event was basis for a 1963 film, The Breakthrough.[4]

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Coordinates: 52°32′58″N 13°07′42″E / 52.54944°N 13.12833°E / 52.54944; 13.12833