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Albright Stonebridge Group
IndustryInternational Strategic Consulting
  • The Albright Group
  • Stonebridge International
FoundedJune 25, 2009; 10 years ago (2009-06-25)
Area served
Key people

Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) is a global business strategy firm based in Washington, D.C., United States. It was created in 2009 through the merger of international consulting firms The Albright Group and Stonebridge International.[1]

The firm advises multinationals, financial institutions, industry associations, and non-profit organizations on a variety of matters including international government relations, market entry and risk assessment, regulatory affairs, stakeholder engagement, partner development, and shared value programs.

ASG is chaired by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former U.S. Commerce Secretary and Kellogg Company CEO Carlos M. Gutierrez.[2] ASG comprises 180 country and sector experts, including more than 20 former ambassadors and ministers. [3]

Senior Strategic Counsel to the firm includes Ana Palacio, former Spanish Foreign Minister; Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Minister; and Jaime Gama, Portugal's former Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the Assembly of the Republic. Senior Counsel includes Pär Nuder, former Swedish Minister of Finance. [4]

Senior Counselors to the firm include Carol Browner, former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton;[5] Wendy Sherman, former U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs; [6] Linda Thomas-Greenfield, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs; and Elizabeth Littlefield, former President and CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

ASG is affiliated with Albright Capital Management, an emerging markets investment firm founded in 2005.[7]

Firm Principals[edit]

Albright Stonebridge Group's Washington, DC office lobby


Albright Stonebridge Group maintains strategic partnerships with several law firms and advisory firms including: Hogan Lovells; Bespoke Approach in Australia; Gama Glória in Portugal;[15] Global Dealings Group in Turkey;[16]; Joschka Fischer and Company in Germany;[17] 9.9 Insights in India;[18] and Palacio and Asociados in Spain.[19]


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