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Albumen (album).jpeg
Studio album by The Egg
Released 1996
Genre Electronica, house, nu-funk, big beat, alternative dance

Albumen is the first studio album by British electronic funk band The Egg and was released in 1996.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Ned Scott, Maff Scott, Mark Revell and David Gaydon except Roche which is also by Dave Motion.

  1. "The Fat Boy Goes To The Cinema"
  2. "Time To Enjoy"
  3. "Get Some Money To Get Her"
  4. "Bend"
  5. "Jam Together"
  6. "Big Duck"
  7. "Sunglasses"
  8. "Roche (Don't You Ever Stop)"
  9. "Shopping"
  10. "Shoplifting"
  11. "284 Windows And A Door"


  • At the end of the last track "284 Windows And A Door", there are a few seconds of silence before a very short untitled track plays.



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