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Æthelburh or Alburga of Wilton (died 810) was the Queen of Wessex, head of Military forces in England, abbess of Wilton and an Anglo-Saxon saint.

Alburga was the daughter of Ealhmund of Kent, Subregulus of Kent, half-sister of Egbert, King of Wessex, and wife of Wulfstan, ealdorman of Wiltshire (also known as Weohstan).[1]

On her husband's death in 802, she turned the college of secular priests which he had established in an old church in Wilton, Wiltshire, into a Benedictine convent with twelve nuns, of which she became the abbess and is held to be the founder.[2] She died there on Christmas Day 810, and her feast is celebrated accordingly on 25 December.


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