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Alceste ("Alcides"; HWV 45, HG 46b, HHA I/30) is a masque or semi-opera by George Frideric Handel.

It was written as incidental music to a lost play by Tobias Smollett, which was rehearsed at Covent Garden Theatre but never performed. There was an overture and songs for Acts 1 and 4, 19 movements in total. It was composed from 27 December 1749 to 8 January 1750. Handel later used the music in The Choice of Hercules, HWV 69, and revivals of Alexander Balus, HWV 65, and Hercules, HWV 60.


Handel: Alceste - Academy of Ancient Music

  • Conductor: Christopher Hogwood
  • Principal singers: Emma Kirkby, Patrizia Kwella, Judith Nelson, Paul Elliott, David Thomas, Margaret Cable
  • Recording date:
  • Label: L'oiseau-lyre London/Decca - 421479 (CD)

Handel: Alceste - Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu

  • Conductor: Franck-Emmanuel Comte
  • Principal singers: Stéphanie Révidat, Roxanne Comiotto, Jean Delescluse, François Bazola
  • Recording date: August 1997
  • Label: Absalon (Musicsoft/Media 7)/LCHD897 (CD)

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