Alcetas I of Epirus

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Alcetas I
Born Alcetas I
Title King of Epirus
Children King Neoptolemus I of Epirus
King Arymbas
Parent(s) Tharrhypas (father)
Relatives Alexander the Great (great-grandson)
Pyrrhus of Epirus (great-grandson)

Alcetas I (Greek: Ἀλκέτας) (390/385 – 370 BC) was a king of Epirus, the son of Tharrhypas.


He was expelled from his kingdom for unknown reasons, and took refuge with Dionysius I of Syracuse, by whom he was reinstated.

After his restoration, he allied with the Athenians, and with Jason of Pherae, the Tagus of Thessaly. In 373 BC, he appeared at Athens with Jason, for the purpose of defending Athenian general Timotheus, who, through their influence, was acquitted.

Upon his death, the kingdom was divided between his two sons, Neoptolemus I and Arybbas.



Preceded by
King of Epirus
390– 370 BC
Succeeded by
Neoptolemus I and Arybbas