Golden Lane

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Golden Lane

Golden Lane (in Czech Zlatá ulička) is a street situated at the Prague Castle, Czech Republic. Its name is connected with 16th century alchemists, who had to look there, according to legends, for a reaction to produce gold. Even though the lane was temporarily called the Street of Alchemists or Alchemists' Alley, alchemists have never worked or lived there.[1]

Golden Lane consist of tiny colored houses. Today it is a part of small and big castle ring (i.e. entrance is available for paying a fee), while from the closing hour of Prague Castle interiors it is open for free. Nowadays there are many souvenir shops in the houses and there is a medieval museum of armory within the former 14th-century fortification accessible from the Golden Lane.

House no. 22 is connected with Franz Kafka, Czech-Jewish writer, who used this house for approximately two years (from 1916 to 1917) coming here to write in peace.

Jaroslav Seifert, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1984 and who was one of the signatories of Charter 77, lived there in 1929.[2]

Golden Lane is connected with Dalibor Tower, which used to be a dungeon.


Coordinates: 50°05′32″N 14°24′14″E / 50.0922°N 14.4039°E / 50.0922; 14.4039