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Alchemy Research
Private company
Industry Clean technology
Founded 2012
Headquarters Haifa, Israel
Products Aluminium-water reactor for producing hydrogen and energy

Alchemy Research is a company developing mobile Alydro reactors for hybrid electric vehicles[1] and a stationary reactor for renewable energy storage, clean emergency power systems and hydrogen production. It develops the Alydro reactor for generating energy in the form of hydrogen and heat from a reaction of aluminium and water.


Alchemy Research - Alydro reactor (prototype)

The company[2] was founded in 2012 following 3 years of research of the Alydro technology. In November 2011 the founders demonstrated a working prototype of the reactor producing hydrogen by the Alydro reaction. In Feb-2012 Alchemy Research was a finalist in Calcalist[3] Cleantech 2012 Green Start-up competition.[4]


The purpose of the Alydro technology is to generate electricity by a clean chemical reaction. It is worth noting that Alydro is not a primary energy source, but rather it is using aluminium as an energy carrier that is energized through electrolysis.

Alydro reaction[edit]

In Alydro reaction the aluminium is melted at elevated temperatures and water is injected into the aluminium melt in the form of steam. The reaction splits the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen which in turn oxidizes the aluminium forming aluminium oxide.

2 Al + 3 H2O → Al2O3 + 3H2

The reaction is exothermic - each kg of aluminium produces 15.3 MJ of heat and 110 g of hydrogen carrying 15.7 MJ.

Alternative methods for low-temperature reaction[edit]

Alydro reaction would not sustain with solid raw aluminium at low temperatures because aluminium-oxide forms an adherent film on the aluminium's surface, inhibiting further reaction. Low temperature reaction can be achieved with extra pre-processing of the aluminium e.g. by alloying[5] or powdering.[6]

Alydro reactor[edit]

Alydro reactor diagram

The Alydro reaction takes place within the Alydro reactor. The major functions of the reactor are

  • Pre-heat and regulate the temperature and pressure conditions required for the Alydro reaction.
  • Perform the inflow of aluminium and water into the reaction chamber. The Alydro reactor is designed for continuous reaction and not as a batch reactor.
  • Separate and extract the solid aluminium-oxide by-product.
  • Stream the hot hydrogen produced in the reaction to the next stage in the Alydro generator.

Alydro generator[edit]

Alydro generator diagram

The Alydro generator comprises the Alydro reactor and the ancillary components required for continuous electricity generation

Water recycling[edit]

The Alydro reaction consumes a kg of water for each kg of aluminium. Water is regenerated later by the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen from air. The water is then retrieved by a condenser.

Alydro applications[edit]

  • Alydro hybrid electric vehicles[7]
  • Renewable energy storage systems[8]
  • Clean emergency power systems
  • On-site hydrogen production


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