Alcmaeon in Psophis

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Alcmaeon in Psophis
Written by Euripides
Chorus Young women
Characters Alcmaeon
Date premiered 438 BC
Place premiered Athens
Original language Ancient Greek
Genre Tragedy
Setting Psophis

Alcmaeon in Psophis (Ancient Greek: Ἀλκμαίων ὁ διὰ Ψωφῖδος, Alkmaiōn ho dia Psophidos) is a play by Athenian playwright Euripides. The play has been lost except for a few surviving fragments. It was first produced in 438 BCE in a tetralogy that also included the extant Alcestis and the lost Cretan Women and Telephus. The story is believed to have incorporated the death of Argive hero Alcmaeon.[1]


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